Neidio i'r cynnwys

Cymorth:Prif dudalen/English

Oddiwrth Wiciadur, y geiriadur rhydd.
Help for contributors
  • Choose any word - Type the word in the search box and click on Mynd (Go) or Chwilio (Search). If the entry does not exist yet, the 'Canlyniad y chwiliad' (Search result) page will appear. Click on the red link in order to go to a new page where you can create a definition for the word.

  • On the new page state from which language the word comes. - We use different codes for different languages. A list of codes are available here. Type the correct code at the top of the new entry.

  • State what sort of word it is e.g. verb, adjective, adverb etc. - Once again, we use codes for these parts of speech. See Wiciadur:Defnyddio côdau ieithyddol.

  • Type {{pn}} so that the word appear below. Add whether the word is {{f}} feminine, {{m}} masculine or {{d}} neuter. If a word can be both masculine and feminine, please use {{m}} / {{f}}.

    • Write your definition below but please remember the following:
      • In order for a word in your definition to link to a word on another page, place [[example]] around it. This will make it look like this - example.

      • In order to include a translation in another language, type
        *{{en}}: [[example]]

  • Place the new entry in a category. - This makes the process of finding entries much easier.

  • To see a preview of your entry, click on Dangos rhagolwg (Show preview).

  • If you are happy with your entry, click on Save page.

Improving an entry
  • If you know the etymology or origin of a word, use the code {{-etym-}} and state from where does the word or phrase come.

  • Pronunciation should be stated by using the code {{-phon-}} and the pronunciation underneath.

  • Below your definition, and before starting any translations, you can list other words which mean the same i.e. Cyfystyron (Synonyms). To do this, use the code {{-syn-}}. On the line beneath, type * and then the synonyms in square brackets. [[example]].

  • To include Geiriau Cysylltiedig (Derived terms), use the code {{-rel-}} and follow the same guidelines as for "Cyfystyron". This should come after any synonyms.

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