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Oddiwrth Wiciadur, y geiriadur rhydd.
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Croeso i Wiciadur! --Adam7davies 12:57, 1 Ionawr 2006 (UTC)Reply[Ateb]

Hi Llygatgroester,

Sorry: I dont speak any Welsh. Just FYI: on the Dutch wiktionary Annabel has created a new tool (transtool) that takes the translations of a word on (most) other wiktionaries and formats and sorts them according to Dutch format (as well as English and French) for the moment. The idea is to expand that for other languages too at some point although Annabel would appreciate some assitance from people like you if you are interested to have it done for Welsh too. (This is between her and you really). We find it very handy to update our translations: you can use go and copy them from the other languages (multiple ones), process them and voila, you have an up to date list in the right order with trad templates and all.

Anyway: to support this tool in the future we have decided to switch from two letter ISO 639-1 and -2 codes to three-letter ISO 639-3 codes. We have also decided to adopt french usage of =eng= not -eng- to avoid interference with existing headers like -adj- that already denote something else than a language. So we would use =adj= for whatever language adj stands for (Something African I think).

Hope this is useful